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Here’s my take on Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur #ULT

4:30 mins of serenity as filmed at the Botanic Garden #T #U #L

This one has been through a few edits. It was intended to be a part of Isis M concert, but didn’t fit in the end. First I wanted to shoot with a male, then female, then back to male. So it feels great to finally close this one

A bit unplanned, but it turned out very well. Check it out!

Last performance is tonight at 8:00pm at the Courtyard Playhouse

Come join us for the next one on Friday, January 29th!

An actual Farmers’ Market in Dubai? Yup.

Brought out and pointed the camera at the Burj Khalifa one cloudy afternoon. 

Haha, well done team Playstation


You are a sick sick man, Lars. But I’ll watch your movie anyway  #T   #F   #U